NANOSPACECRAFTS. An Illustrated Overview

NANOSPACECRAFTS. An Illustrated Overview—Presentation

An Illustrated Overview—Presentation

June 30th 2020. theoverview team

The dawn of a new era.
Nanospacecrafts are a game changer in the space exploration, surveillance, civil liberties and well beyond.

Open source arrived to space with the CubeSats. Shrinking spacecrafts make possible space for everyone, change the way of learning by doing, offers a suitable platform for technology innovation, creates new tools for doing science and contribute to critical infrastructures for everyday life. Smaller, open source, satellites means low cost, reduced times for design and construction, testing more risky and disruptive options, faster test-and-error times, new functionalities (like constellations of spacecrafts than can be used even in deep space) and a faster knowledge-sharing.

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—The Journey:

ASTERIA The Quest for Wandering Stars Beyond The Solar System
ASTERIA A Space Telescope Enabling Research in Astrophysics
LIGHTSAIL 2 Sailing the Skies

LIGHTSAIL 2 Controlled Solar Sail Flight
SPOOQY-1 We Are Entangled Together
SPOOQY-1 CubeSat for Quantum Communication

CUBESATS. The Open Source Democratization of Space
CUBESATS. The New Space Revolution
NANOSPACECRAFTS. An Illustrated Overview


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