In our brave new world an overview is most needed than ever. Our lives are rooted in the digital networks and cultures but are part of the nature flows. The events are global in nature, deeply intertwined, lived in real-time everywhere. At personal, societal, as species, the interval of these challenging events is extraordinarily brief. Time contracts and the information and experiences grows at exponential rate. But the most needed is to adapt to nature's regenerative systems. From this context emerges *theoverview* as a cultural project, a discovery journey into these new horizons of the human species, to contribute a new outlook for our times using our contemporary tools.

For us tracking and the understanding of space exploration is a key building block. At "the last frontier", from the vantage point of space, we see Earth and our species from a unique perspective that fuels a lasting and open-minded overview of what's happening and fosters the evolution of our species towards a spacefaring civilization.

This site (and the related NanoSpacecrafts in Twitter, nanosat in Cent...) is devoted to this basic, frantic and thrilling aspect of *theoverview* project, the human endeavour in spaceship Earth and beyond specially thru our most disruptives probes, the nanospacecrafts.


An Illustrated Overview—Presentation

June 30th 2020. theoverview team

The dawn of a new era.
Nanospacecrafts are a game changer in the space exploration, surveillance, civil liberties and well beyond.

Open source arrived to space with the CubeSats. Shrinking spacecrafts make possible space for everyone, change the way of learning by doing, offers a suitable platform for technology innovation, creates new tools for doing science and contribute to critical infrastructures for everyday life. Smaller, open source, satellites means low cost, reduced times for design and construction, testing more risky and disruptive options, faster test-and-error times, new functionalities (like constellations of spacecrafts than can be used even in deep space) and a faster knowledge-sharing.

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Album presentation

October 14th 2019. Nanosat Team

The extraordinary ability of resilience and adaptation of humanity to the most varied and extreme surface environments of planet Earth, from the desert to the arctic, from the prairies to the tropical forest, have been possible by the use of tools and techniques. And when we arrive to our biological limits, our cultural artifacts permits that we survive and thrive in the atmospheric heights, in deep oceans or even in the outer space.

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The First Nanosatellites Crypto Collection

October 14th 2019. Nanosat Team

· Nanosatellites and NFT, Cultural Transformation Tools
· Exploring NFT Collectibles as a New Media

NANOSAT is the first crypto collection on nanosatellites, the world’s smallest, disruptive and cheap operational spacecrafts ever built, that are democratizing the access, exploration, and use of outer space, and are a key element of the New Space revolution. New Space and Blockchain technologies, recombined in many different ways, can make an imaginative, powerful and positive contribution to contemporary life in planet Earth and beyond! We will explore one of this New Space and Blockchain intersections: publishing an overview of the fascinating emergence of nanosatellites in original digital collectibles, a collection of NFTs, "trading cards of 21th century."

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