The First Nanosatellites Crypto Collection

NANOSAT The First Nanosatellites Crypto Collection

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The First Nanosatellites Crypto Collection


October 14th 2019. Nanosat Team

NANOSAT is the first crypto collection on nanosatellites, the world’s smallest, disruptive and cheap operational spacecrafts ever built, that are democratizing the access, exploration, and use of outer space, and are a key element of the New Space revolution. New Space and Blockchain technologies, recombined in many different ways, can make an imaginative, powerful and positive contribution to contemporary life in planet Earth and beyond! We will explore one of this New Space and Blockchain intersections: publishing an overview of the fascinating emergence of nanosatellites in original digital collectibles, a collection of NFTs, "trading cards of 21th century."

Nanosatellites and NFT, Cultural Transformation Tools

The NANOSAT Crypto Collection is, for us, a first experimental step to build a digital cultural cottage project. The trading card #0 describes the framework of the collection: “Humanity is in an existencial crisis that threatens life on the spaceship Earth. We are in urgent need of awareness and transformational tools for survival and conservation of life in our planet; nanosatellites, the world’s smallest and cheapest operational spacecrafts ever built, are one of them. Now society rely on satellites, from many aspects of everyday life to global economy, monitoring vital signs and fostering knowledge, technologies and all type of human activities. A new and disrupting space exploration and economies are emerging at a fast pace. Outer space is no longer the exclusive territory of governmental agencies or very big corporations. Commercial off-the-shelf products are the raw material of a myriad of nanosatellites: CubeSat, PocketQube, ThinSat, TubeSat, SpaceBees, Smartphone satellites, Chip spacecrafts... even conceived as Personal Satellites! With a size of a bread loaf, a slice or even a mail stamp, were launched as a "secondary payload" or increasingly with rockets for smallsats, planes with suborbital shuttle or air launched rocket or even balloon with rocket, from new infrastructure as the SpacePorts in Earth, the International Space Station in orbit or soon from the Lunar Gateway orbiting the Moon… History in the making!”

Last decade we worked in science outreach activities, specifically in the nanoscience and nanotechnology. Both are critical for the miniaturisation and the emergence of commercial off the shelf products that make nanosatellites posible and economically affordable. Previously we investigated the new context, the planetary culture emerging of the digital information and connections. And before that we participate in the early boom days of the Internet working to build a public park for the global village. In our current step forward, we share the point of view of UNICEF Children’s agency, the first UN Organization to hold and make transactions in cryptocurrency, “If digital economies and currencies have the potential to shape the lives of coming generations, it is important that we explore the opportunities they offer.”

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Exploring NFT Collectibles As A New Media

Online activities are a key part of everyday life for most of humans. But the Web is debased by everything from fake news to mass surveillance and voters manipulation. Society desperately needs to stand up for a free, open and safe web that benefits everyone. Cultural tools like ebooks or other digital media are in constant danger; they can be taken away at any moment! And in general we already know that things stored on the internet can be lost forever very quickly. People don't own digital media... until creation of new digital assets, the cryptocurrencies (crypto tokens).

Non Fungible Tokens, or NFTs, give a new dimension, and utility to the cryptocurrencies technology. A token is fungible when it can be replaced and interchanged by something identical, like a currency. Non-fungible tokens have information or attributes that make them unique, irreplaceable, like an artwork. Thus NFTs fit as the collectible for the digital dominion. Ethereum programmable blockchain currently is the best suited platform to produce ("mint") digital collectibles ("non fungible tokens") thru the use of their ERC-721 standard. And Ethereum is a global public resource that fuels an alive, diverse and thriving ecosystem. That's why we chose it to generate NANOSAT, The First Nanosatellites Crypto Collection (#BuiltOnEthereum).

The NANOSAT Crypto Collection explore at the intersection of New Space and Blockchain-based New Media. The collection use NFTs as a media to approximate and to be up to date in the basics of nanosatellites concepts and meaning through a journey of their history milestones. Hopefully this helps in some way, to some degree, to foster the interest in theses technologies and their cross-pollination, and to the growing use of NFTs collectibles for art, science and technology outreach. In emerging new context of decentralized web, we think of NFTs, chiefly crypto collectibles, as a potential new media, to explore a renewed way to convey knowledge.

The NANOSAT Crypto Collection is a Limited Edition of trading cards which will be published between October and December 2019. Each and every trading card of the collection is only minted once, with a very limited units available of each (around 10). Since its inception, the cards of this first collection are rare digital items. As a collection, NANOSAT collectibles can interest specially the space exploration fans, traders, and crypto enthusiasts. The NANOSAT project lives in their own website:, the collectibles can be acquired mostly in marketplaces for crypto collectibles, and our experiences can be followed @myfirstsatellite and in NANOSAT accounts in blockchain-based social networks.

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