New Context, New Profile

January 21, 2020 · Nanosat Team

Profile can be, if not the one, one of the most definitory things of our presence in a social network. Don't you think? And sometimes, with the use of hashtags, emerge a powerful shared vision and a genuine compromise to interact, like #Earthrise, #OverviewEffect, #SpaceshipEarth, #Space4Everyone, #ThereIsN oPlanetB or #ClimateAction.

Just seven years ago, I opened a Twitter account, My First Satellite, sharing my experience with SkyCube, one of the first nanosatellite project by space amateurs. SkyCube “is about changing space exploration from something reserved for governments, corporations, and billionaires into an arena that is affordable and accessible by everyone.” 2,711 backers from all over the world crowdfunded SkyCube that “proved that an amateur team can build, manifest, and orbit a functioning spacecraft on a shoestring budget. You were pioneers in a DIY space movement that - over the past few years - has blossomed into a multi-million-dollar industry.” Since then one of the most disruptive innovation, blockchain technologies and cryptocurrency, also impacted in the space exploration. So my profile was: “Since my SkyCube experience, tracking the crowdfounded & DIY spacecrafts, and #Blockchain in Space #Nanosatellites #CubeSat #PhoneSat

From just over a year, blockchain-based collectibles (NFTs) was started out looking like a toy (in form of digital trading cards, art, and games). But in fact, from my view point, are baby steps towards a new internet and beyond. Current Web is debased by everything from fake news to mass surveillance and voters manipulation. Society desperately needs to stand up for a free, open, safe and economically sustainable web that benefits everyone. In emerging new context of decentralized web, we think of NFTs, chiefly crypto collectibles, as a potential new media, to explore a renewed way to convey knowledge. While we explore practically the potential benefits of NFTs also for space amateurs, the current profile is “Prototype first illustrated nanosatellites history using NFTs. A narration of Space Democratization with #DigitalCollectibles #BuiltOnEthereum #Space4Everyone

In the coming context of Spaceship Earth, the next profile will be:

2020’s a make-or-break time:Spacefaring Civilisation for the Human Species.Space Democratization research, illustrated & supported with NFT Collectibles

What do you think? The best three comments will be rewarded with original Ethereum NFTs if you include the address of your wallet

PS. I am talking of Twitter Profile but I’m doing it from Cent! I think it's time for the transition to social networks based on blockchain. I'm still on Twitter but the posts will be written here. Just after I wrote this post, I read “Follow me on Twitter" by matthew, that I share fully.

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Jan 21, 2020 by @ozimaster

It is a bit like a rocket launch. Higher goes wider you see and faster you go. There are new venues every day where blockchain and decentralisation knock to doors. My recent favourite is blockchain smartphone concept, cause I was predicting something like this on the very start of this year not knowing this project existing at so advanced stage already. I'm talking about BlokOnBlok (the BOB smartphone). I like your concept with "Space Democratisation research" I wonder if aliens would be considered or it would be more human shape civilisation can't be distinguished. I am already one of your fans on twitter.

Jan 22, 2020 by @nanosat

and the nft is awarded to your comment, for your wide-open inclusivity... even to aliens!